How we are creating change

Citizens driven

Ideally, citizens or voters should determine electoral outcomes but politicians undermine the sovereignty of voters by compromising the … Read More


Yiaga Africa will adopt a rights-based approach in the project implementation. Electoral reforms protect the right the vote and be voted, freedom of expression… Read More

Reconceptualisation of civil society

To build the strategic capacity required to achieve electoral reform, Yiaga Africa will expand its conceptualization of civil society groups beyond NGOs… Read More

Strategic partnership and collaboration

To facilitate consensus building on electoral reform and maximization of scarce resources, the project will be leverage strategic partnerships and collaboration … Read More

Data driven and technology

For effective advocacy and stakeholder engagement, Yiaga Africa will adopt an evidence-based and data-driven approach in implementing this project….. Read More

Gender Inclusion

The project will respond to the needs or marginalized groups like youth, women and persons with disability. Yiaga Africa will ensure these groups are fully… Read More

Election management

The electoral management includes Independence of INEC, funding of the commission, operations, appointments, election management, financial independence, election administration etc.

Technology and Election

This Issue looks at E-Transmission of result, E- Voting and E- Accreditation

Citizens participation

This issue looks at Voter Registration and Voter Education

Electoral Justice

Looks at the timeline for electoral petition (Pre and post-election and the role of the judiciary

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